ACRHS Grad. Project Policies

Below are listed the policies agreed upon by the ACRHS Grad. Project Advisory Board and the
ACRHS Administrative team.

Student fails to turn in a major component

Pink slip, parent contact (written), points deducted

Student fails to turn in a major component (2nd time)

Pink slip, parent conference, points deducted (no better than 70). Third time, parent contact (written and phoned), zero on component even when completed

Student changes topic from approved topic without following proper procedures (i.e. conferring again, resubmitting proposal)--this should happen within the first six weeks of the semester

Student fails project component and must remediate

Student forges signatures

Student fails project component and must remediate, parent and

administrative referral

Student falsifies project hours

Student fails project component and must remediate

Student violates privacy rights

Administrative referral, parent contact (verbal)

Student fails to present at class presentation

Student fails presentation component until classroom presentation is made; student not allowed to present in front of Community Evaluators

Student fails to complete one component satisfactorily

Component is remediated--if paper and project not completed prior to practice week, student cannot present until components are in and must present at make up board--deductions taken.

Student fails to complete three or more components

Student must retake English IV

Student plagiarizes research paper (part or whole)

Failure of English IV until paper is corrected

Student is suspended on Board Night

25 points deducted from final presentation grade, Make up board

Student has other mandatory school commitment on Board Night

Make up board, no point deduction

Student’s Mentor is unable to be reached

Choose another mentor if possible

Student must contact mentor in Ms. Self’s presence

Student passes English IV, but fails more than one GP component

Student receives a "U" for English IV until components are remediated.