BCS Graduation Project Early Start Application Packet

Congratulations on taking the first step toward completion of your Graduation Project.  Contained in this packet are directions which you must follow exactly.  Your approval depends on your ability to follow directions the first time.


Here is what you will do.

 Read the entire packet and pay special attention to the directions.

  1. Read very carefully the Guidelines for Paper Topics and Projects (page 3 of this packet).
  2. Read through the Mentor Manual and Parent Manual online.  Print only what you need.
  3. Draft your application using the questions in this packet—the application must be typed.  Use lots of detail to explain what you are planning.  See the example on the school website if you need a model.  It’s fine to go over one page.
  4. Make an appointment with a librarian or a trusted, knowledgeable teacher to discuss your plan, if necessary.
  5. Edit your letter using the Application Checklist.
  6. Proofread your application for spelling and grammar.
  7. Make sure your parent or guardian signs the application.
  8. Staple your Application and the forms together in this exact order (from top to bottom).
    1. Proposal Application (signed by you and your parent)
    2. Mentor Consent Form (signed)
    3. Parent Consent Form (signed)
    4. Signed Parent Permission for Costly Project (if necessary--cost is >$75)
    5. Signed Parent Assumption of Risk for Dangerous Project (if necessary)
  1. Turn your proposal letter and the attached forms in to a librarian.

 A few final notes.

·         You will propose a general research paper topic, but will not actually begin research until you begin English III or IV.

·         Your paper topic must be persuasive or argumentative, not purely informational.  The goal of your paper is to convince your audience that your hypothesis is true based on the sources you have found.  A persuasive hypothesis (thesis) is a statement that has the potential for debate.

·         Check Points of View on NC Wiseowl for ideas.  This database is linked on the ACRHS Home Page.  Ask a librarian for the password if you plan on researching off campus.  

·         An example:  

×Yoga is healthy and beneficial.  (purely informational; no issue here)

✔Yoga is more effective than traditional methods of sports rehabilitation after an injury.  (controversial; some people might disagree with that statement)

·         You must have a Mentor supervise you for a minimum of ten hours.

·         The Mentor must be at least 25 years old and cannot be a parent or guardian.

·         You must keep a log of all your hours.  In addition, you must keep some sort of photographic evidence of your progress.  See the example in this packet.

·         You must have your Mentor fill out the verification form at the end of the Mentor Manual.

·         You are responsible for keeping up with all forms, etc. until you reach English IV.

 Good luck.  Please see a librarian if you have any questions.