Board Night Digital Submissions

For Board Night, you must use either a Google Docs presentation or a Prezi as your medium.  Your presentation will be embedded in the Presentation page in your Google Sites portfolio.  

**If you plan on having video content, you must upload your video to Youtube and embed it in your presentation.  You MUST submit the video URL when you complete the Presentation Submission Form.**

**Make sure your presentation and everything in your Sites portfolio are shared properly:  "Anyone with link...can view."**
When you have completed your Google presentation or Prezi, submit the presentation using the link below so we can check it and prepare it for Board Night.  Note:  if you make changes to your presentation, you will NOT need to resubmit it again.  The link you submit will go to the most recent presentation.  
Navigate there directly by typing

Google Docs Presentation
Sample Google Doc presentation with content suggestions.  Ctrl + F5 takes you to present mode. 
Online instructions for creating and sharing a presentation in Google docs.  If you have already started a PowerPoint presentation, these instructions will also show you how to upload a PowerPoint presentation into Google docs.
Granting Access to a Google Doc tutorial 
Sample Prezi with content suggestions.  Expand to fit full screen (button lower right); then, use arrows to navigate.
Online instructions for using Prezi
Granting Access for Prezi tutorial