Databases and Online Tools

Databases and Online Tools
NCWiseowl:   Use this resource if you
  • need an article on a specific subject.
  • want a broad resource with a lot of results.
  • need a literary criticism.
  • need to research in a specific database such as one for health care or auto tech.
To begin a general search go to the High School zone and choose either EBSCOhost or InfoTrac Student Edition.  You'll need the password if you're not at school.  See your teacher or a Media Coordinator.
Use Points of View Reference Center if you
  • are in need of a topic for a persuasive paper.
  • need a current events topic.
  • need to represent both sides of a controversy.
You will need the password to log in.  See your teacher or a Media Coordinator.  You can search from both the Home page and the Issues tab.
NoodleBib:  Use this resource if you
  • need to create a Works Cited page.
  • want to keep track of the online sources you are using.
  • are unsure about how to cite something.
  • want to keep electronic notes when reading a source.
We use the FREE version of this service.  Go to "Current Users:  Sign In" and create a personal ID and password.  Make sure to note this information somewhere permanent.  We cannot retrieve it for you if you forget.