Buncombe County Graduation Project


Parent Consent Forms

February 2

Proposal Application, Risk/Cost Waivers, Mentor Consent

February 16

Research Paper Outline

February 22

Research Paper First Draft

March 16

Interview Verification and Transcript

March 29

Project Journal Progress Check

April 11

Research Paper Second Draft

April 23

Project Journals due

April 27

Project/Practical Experience finished

April 27

Portfolio First Submission

April 27

Research Paper 3rd Draft*

May 4

Submission of Technology Needs

May 4

Digital Presentations Submitted Via Online Form

May 4

Google Slides/Prezi/Trifold Poster DUE

May 4

Classroom Presentations

May 7-11

Final Portfolio Due

May 9

Board Night

Tuesday, May 15 (7-9 p.m.)

*A third draft will be required of students who do not reach an acceptable final copy on two drafts. 


Deadlines are absolute

Any item turned in after 4 p.m. on the due date will be considered late. 

 No items will be accepted more than one day late. 


The penalties for late work are as follows: 

First Strike             Student will lose one letter grade from component’s original score.

Second Strike         Student will earn no better than a 70 for the component. 

Third Strike            Student will earn a zero for the component.  Instructor will not be responsible for providing feedback for that component.  Component must be completed to meet Graduation Project requirements.

No item will be accepted more than one day late.

Failure to complete one or more parts of the North Carolina Graduation Project will result in the failure of English IV.

English IV is a graduation requirement.

Please see Graduation Project Policies for further clarification.