Business, Finance, & Information Technology



Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education prepares students for successful transition from school to work and post-secondary education. It empowers them to use business principles and concepts while they manage their current and future responsibilities as informed consumers and productive workers in the 21st century. Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education is a broad, comprehensive curriculum at the middle and high school levels that provides students with meaningful instruction for and about business, finance, and information technology. Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education plays a major role in preparing a competent, business literate, and skilled workforce. The program area is designed to integrate business, finance, and information technology skills into the middle and high school curriculum.

Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education is designed to prepare graduates as viable competitors in the business world and for advanced educational opportunities. The instructional program begins in the middle grades with the development of proficiency in basic computer software applications. Exploratory experiences in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship are also included in the middle school curriculum. This experience continues at the high school level with career pathways that provide knowledge and skill development in these Career Clusters™:

 Business, Management, and Administration

 Finance

 Information Technology

Literacy and numeracy skills are an integral part of the Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education program. Computer literacy and proficiency in the various applications are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Development of 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking, economic literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and problem-solving is a part of each of the career pathways. Opportunities to develop and apply leadership, social, civic, and business-related skills are provided through Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the Career-Technical Student Organization for Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education students. Integration of the Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education program with appropriate academic concepts/courses is strongly encouraged.

Courses Available: 

Microsoft Word/Powerpoint

Microsoft Excel

Multimedia Webpage & Design

Principles of Business

Personal Finance