BCS Instructional Framework

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BCS Framework

How to Unpack a Learning Target (classroom video example) 


“Unpacking” List
            (for Unpacking a Learning Target)


Circle/highlight/underline important vocabulary & discuss

Ask students to summarize & record target in their notebooks

Have partners explain the target to each other in their own words

Ask students to rate themselves on the target (fist to 5; thumbs up)

Invite students to predict how they will demonstrate mastery of target

Provide a rubric that demonstrates mastery on the target

Ask students to identify & list on the board what they need in order to achieve the target

Point to the agenda items and connect them to the target

Tell a story or give an example to illustrate the target


ela 1      
science 1  
 science 2


 history 1
history 2  




 cte 1                                                                                                
cte 2  


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