Tech and Tools for Students

Claiming your IAM Account?!
You will need to claim your IAM account before you can successfully log on to the school's network or to access HomeBase.  Here's directions! 
And, here's a video you can watch if you need help, too!   
Accessing School Email?!
Use your school email for everything school-related.  Need to know how to get there?  Here's directions!   
Want to Build a Board?!
Use your school email for everything school-related.  Need to know how to get there?  Here's instructions!  
Want to Research Careers?!
You can find detailed information on many different jobs on NCWiseowl, a collection of databases that you can access for free!  Sound good?  Here's instructions!   
A Slide Show you can comment on?!  
Voicethread is an online application that allows users to upload images and then type, speak, or video commentary to share their ideas with others.  Interested?  Check out these instructions for using this cool Web app.  
You can upload a PowerPoint presentation to the Internet?!
Need to share a PowerPoint but you don't have a flash drive?  Or you cannot access your email?  Or the intended audience does not have Ppt on their compters?  No biggie?  Simply use Slideshare, an online application that allows users to upload their presentations so others can view them online.  Need a few pointers?  Check these instructions out!
Need to Study some Literary Criticism?!  
For pointers on how to locate and cite literary criticisms in langauge arts classrooms, here's what's up!  Check out this presentation!.
Need to Cite that Literary Criticism?!  
Found some ideas that you don't want to plagiarize?!   This presentation will help you get it all cited properly.
Want to make a presentation but you don't have PowerPoint?!  
 You can create a presentation that is very similar to PowerPoint by using an online app in Google docs.  Want to try it out?  These directions might help.  
Trying to learn about anatomy but you left your cadaver at home?!  
 You can still get a good sense of what the body's like by surfing over to  Here's an activity to practice your navigation skills.  And here's a template to complete to demonstrate your understanding!  
Need some content for your U.S. History class?  
Instead of just googling and frittering your time away, check out the links here for starters!