Tech and Tools for Teachers

Conduct Formative Assessments!  Don't Fiddle with a Million Slips of Paper!  
Need to give a quick quiz to see if your students have retained yesterday's lesson content?  Want to gauge student confidence?  Want to diversify your assessment strategies?  You can do it quickly and easily using easy online tools.  Interested?  Check out these options!  
So Long, Paper!--Streamlining the Workload with Digital Submissions
Tired of toting reams of paper home?  Or of digging around in the couch cushions trying to find a red pen that works?  You can solve some of your workload hassles by having students submit their assignments digitally so you can access, grade, and return them to students from the comfort of your own keyboard.  Interested?  Check out these directions!
Pump Up the Jam!  Locating Open Source Music for Classroom Projects
Want to stop worrying about copyright issues?  Want to give kids a library of music they can use for free?  Easy enough!  Use these instructions to find all sorts of great, searchable, and downloadable content.  
Edit Photos Super Easy and Fancy!
Need to crop an image to make it fit decently into a presentation?  Want to create an appealing piece of digital art to include on your Web page?  Online image editing app Fotor may be the answer!   
Cool Text Editing and Design
Need to design an eye-catching banner for a handout, webpage, or flier?  Canva is a great option.   
Set Up Your PowerSchool Gradebook
Need help getting your Gradebook configured?  These instructions can help!