Rocket Power Advisement Program

AC Reynolds High School
Rocket Power Advisement Program


Ø  To provide guidance and counseling to assist students in establishing the connection between what they are learning in school and their goals beyond high school. 

Ø   To develop communication and problem solving skills.


Ø  Advisement will take place according to the tentative schedule placed in the front of this handbook.

Ø  An advisement session will be held weekly.

Ø  During each session an advisor will cover either general business, such as handouts, voting, etc. or will facilitate a lesson has been prepared.



Ø  Students will complete a weekly session for the entire academic year.

Ø  Students will be expected to participate in the lesson presentations.



Ø  Tardy and skipping policies will apply to Rocket Power class just as they apply to regular classes.

Ø  Misbehavior will be subject to the same policies in Rocket Power as in all other classes.

Lesson 1:  Information Sheet