Social Studies Course Sequence

In NC, students must now take four social studies courses to graduate: World History, American History I and II, and Civics and Economics.  Check out this close up of the ACR social studies course sequence.


SS Curriculum Sequence




What is the difference between a standard and an honors class?

While standard classes cover all curriculum and prepare students for the new NC Final Exams and their writing requirements, students cover material in less depth and with more structured support.  Honors classes are accelerated, have greater depth, and challenge students with more reading, writing, and enrichment activities.  Students who have a strong appreciation for history or curiosity about the world will thrive in honors classes.


Will taking World Honors in 9th grade lock a student out of taking AP? 

If students are very promising and seem to not be challenged enough in World Honors, they may move into AP World their 10th grade year, or take AP US as  juniors.  The 12th grade elective APs are open to them as well.


When can my son or daughter get tutoring or remediation in social studies? 

Thursdays are priority days for social studies remediation during our Rocket Fuel period.  Students not in math this semester may also attend remediation on Tuesdays, our optional day for tutoring.


What are the advantages of taking AP as a 10th and 11thgrader?

 Taking AP courses over several years in high school offers many advantages including (1) learning college level reading, thinking, and writing skills, (2) allowing in-depth exploration of content in a subject area liked by a student, (3) the chance of earning college credit based upon AP exam scores, and (4) creating a strong transcript for college applications.