The Visual Arts program is under the direction Mr. Byron Browne.

ACRHS Visual Arts Courses:
VISUAL ARTS Beginning - An introductory level course for students with
little to no visual arts experience aligned to the North Carolina Essential Standards for Visual Arts at the beginning level. Students will gain exposure to a variety of materials, medias, and art histories. The emphasis will be on gaining drawing, painting, and 3-Dimensional skills in the arts.
The Fall 2019 supply list is:

Required to purchase:

  1. 9 x 12 (minimum size)  sketchbook 60lb weight or greater           

  2. Crayola Watercolor (Recommended)           

  3. 2B, 4B & Ebony (or 9B) drawing pencils   

  4. Small hand-held pencil sharpener

  5. Kneaded eraser, white vinyl eraser, and/or pink eraser

Optional Materials (up to 15 pts. extra credit)

Rulers, Kleenex tissues, Glue Sticks, Hand sanitizer

VISUAL ARTS Intermediate- Designed for students who have had 
complete K-8 progression in visual arts education or who have achieved
beginning level high school standards for visual arts, aligned to the
North Carolina Essential Standards for Visual Arts at the intermediate
VISUAL ARTS Proficient (Pre-AP) An advanced visual arts course designed
for those students who have achieved intermediate level visual arts
standards at the high school level. Students who successfully complete
this course will receive weighted (honors) credit of one point. This
course is aligned to the North Carolina Essential Standards for visual arts
at the proficient level.  Proficient Art Syllabus
AP STUDIO ART- Two Dimensional Design - AP Studio Art is designed for the serious art student whose goal is the development of proficiency in concept, composition, and execution of their artistic expression.  In this course student work will be given the opportunity to compare their work to other high school students on a national scale.  AP Studio is based solely upon the development of a 2D Design portfolio which is submitted for evaluation at the end of the school year. Over the course of the year, students will investigate three sections of the AP portfolio – Quality, Concentration, and Breadth as outlined byt the AP Board. The course requires the student to produce a minimum of 24 works of art dealing with the formal aspects of design. There are a variety of means for this expression including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, mixed media, and collage.  AP Studio Art Syllabus