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Virtual Open House--2020 Fall
Posted by Linlin Shan  On Oct 07, 2020 at 9:38 AM
Health Team Relations AC Reynolds High School Teresa Edwards RN MSN NBCT Course Description Health Team Relations introduces students to the health care delivery system, the development of leadership and interpersonal skills, career awareness and character development.  This is an entry level/foundational course for the Health Sciences pathways.    Course/teacher information and weekly lesson plans will be posted on my school website.   Textbook Diversified Health Occupations Healthcare Science Fundamentals Course Requirements To receive credit for the Health Team Relations course, students will successfully participate in all activities designated by the instructor.  These will include written work (study guides, diagrams, worksheets, individual and group activities/projects, quizzes and tests, creative role play, lab activities, computer activities, and some performance of basic health care skills).  Course Goals Students will be able to: Meet all course competencies Develop good oral and written communication skills Utilize appropriate academic skills and knowledge including mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts Utilize computer programs for competency mastery, research, and communication Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and employability skills Exhibit curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness and the ability to think critically about health care issues.   Grading Criteria           Semester Average Tests                                                      33% Classroom Assignments                       34% Major Projects (Group or Individual)   33% Final Exam                                           25% of Final Semester Grade Cheating in any form is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Any student(s) involved in cheating will receive a grade of “0” for that test or assignment. Student Expectations/Class Rules Adhere to all rules and regulations in the AC Reynolds High School student handbook.  Positive attitude Respect for teacher, classmates, yourself and our classroom environment No food or drink (except water) in the classroom/lab area Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior 1) Warning 2) Parent Contact 3) Classroom Detention before/after school Serious violations will immediately involve administrative support Make-up Work Make-up work is due no later than 5 days following an absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about missed work. Any makeup work not completed within the 5 day limit will be entered as a “0”.  If you are present on the day a test is announced but absent on the day of the test, you are expected to make up the test for the first day you return to school.  All projects or presentations are also due on the first day you return to school following an absence. Course Outline HT01 Medical Terminology HT02 History and Trends of Health Care HT03 Health Care Systems HT04 Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker HT05 Careers in Health Care HT06 Legal and Ethical Responsibilities HT07 Cultural Diversity HT08 Medical Math HT09 Health Focus Exploration   I have read and understand the content of this document, including course content, grading criteria, and student expectations.   Student Signature__________________________________________________________Date_______________________   Parent Signature___________________________________________________________Date_______________________  
Posted by Teresa Edwards  On Feb 01, 2017 at 2:36 PM 1 Comment