Daily Announcements-for students

Daily Announcements - for students
Posted on 09/23/2016

Good Morning!   May I have your attention for the morning announcements. 

Please stand and join Chase Briggs, Cal Maxwell, and Brendan Gladys from our PreSchool, who will lead in our Pledge of Allegiance.

There will be no sports workouts this week.  Please refer to your workout scheduled for the next football event.

Attention all next year's WHAP students for the year 2018-2019, you need to pick up your summer work in the library this week.  Please see Mr Kromer or Mrs Armistead and they will give you the assignment.  

Summer work for any students taking an AP Social Studies class next year is available for pick up this week.  See the appropriate teacher for information before or after school or between classes.

If you have registered for Honors or AP English for next year, you should see an English teacher for information regarding summer work. 

If you are taking an AB Tech class or NCVPS class this summer and need to use your 1:1 device, stop by the the Media Center before or after school to file a request. 

Attention all students taking Advanced Theater in the Fall:  there will be a meeting in Mr. G’s room Wednesday, that’s tomorrow, afternoon from 3:10-4:30pm.  We will be discussing NCTC shows and summer work.

Students if you are looking for summer employment please stop by Ms. Smith's room (214) and view employment opportunities posted on her office doo

There are fewer than 20 yearbooks remaining!  The Yearbook staff will be in all lunches today only.  This will be your last chance to purchase a book.  Don’t miss out!

Students:  Attendance Make up through Thursday of this week.  You must pay as you go as the deadline for payment has passed.  Let’s make sure your attendance is clear so you can receive credit.  Attendance will be taken all the way through June 13. 

The AC Reynolds Volleyball program is hosting a car wash on Saturday at the Kounty Line.  Please see any player or coach to prepurchase a $5 ticket or visit them on Saturday starting at 8:00am. 

The final days of attendance make up are today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  All attendance make up should be paid so that teachers will receive information that you should earn credit in their class to avoid a pending credit on your report card.

Students we have only 2 days of review prior to the start of your exams.  We have had an extremely successful year in our athletics and arts and we want to likewise finish the year strong so that our exams reflect the successful academic year we have had.  Let’s stay focused and making good decisions in these final days of school.

Thank you, have a nice day in Rocket Country!