Academic Regulations


Last names ending with:
A – D ………………………………………………………. Mr. Joe Ainsworth
E – K………………………………………………………. Ms. Jennifer Kohn
L – Q………………………………………………………….. Ms. Eva Lewitt 
R – Z……………………………………………………….Ms. Laura McCreary

A. C. Reynolds High School has counselors to assist students in planning, decision making, problem solving, and personal development. Students may be assured that problems brought to and dealt with in a counselor’s office will remain confidential. 


A. C. Reynolds High School will release directory information (Name, address, telephone number, age, attendance record) upon request to interested parties unless notified in writing by the student not to do so. Grades, test scores and transcript information will be released to other educational agencies or persons who have legitimate interest in these unless requested not to do so in writing by the student or parent concerned. ASVAB test results will be released to military personnel unless the student’s parent informs the school in writing. 


In compliance with Federal Law, Buncombe County Schools administers all education programs including its Career and Technical Education Programs, employment, activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.


College days are intended to give students an opportunity to visit colleges that are not in the immediate area. College days will be considered a school related absence if the following guidelines are followed:

1. Juniors are allowed one day during spring semester. The student must be in a junior homeroom to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Seniors are allowed two days. The student must be in a senior homeroom to take advantage of this opportunity. 

3. The college visited must be located OUTSIDE of Buncombe County.

4. All requests must be turned in by 8a.m. on the school day before the visit to their counselor. (If a student is taking it on a Monday then the form is due on Friday at 8 a.m.)

5. Students are responsible for contacting the admissions office and setting up a time for their visit.

6. Students must bring a signed note from the admissions office documenting their visit. This note is due in to their counselor on the day they return to school.

7. No college days will be approved for visits scheduled within a week of Christmas Break, Easter break or exams.

8. College orientations are not waived days or school related.

9. Students must not be over their allowed days (5) in any class to take a college day.

10 Students must be passing all classes to take a college day. Documentation will be required on the College Day Request Form.

11. If documentation is not turned in to the counselor in a timely manner, the college day will be treated as an absence.

12. Senior students may take one day to interview for a college scholarship. A letter from the college or an appointment letter must be submitted prior to attending the scholarship interview. During Spring Semester a senior may request one day for college scholarship interviews/audition. Official
documentation must be submitted to their counselor prior to the interview. 



All students must earn 28 credits in order to graduate.

All students, (except those on the Occupational Course of Study) need to pass the following courses to graduate:
     English I, II, III, IV
     Math I, Math II, Math III, plus one additional Math, Math III
     Earth Science, Biology, and a Physical Science
     World History, American History I, American History II, & Civics 
     Health & PE

Students must complete the Future Ready Core Courses to receive a high school diploma. In addition to completing the Future Ready Core Courses, each student must successfully complete the Graduation project (part of English IV), and complete EOC exams for English II, Algebra 1, and Biology.

13 Electives should be chosen from courses that fit your after high school plans. These can be chosen from the Career Technical courses, the Arts (Music, Theatre or Art), JROTC, PE and any academic area that interests you. It is important that you complete a 4 course Career Cluster or Concentration.

*2 years of the same foreign language are REQUIRED by most 4 year colleges. Students going to a 4 year college must take these courses in high school. They will count as 2 of your required electives. 


Grade Point Averages will be calculated at the end of each semester and will be computer generated by Power School.

All courses, except those earned prior to the 9th grade and courses receiving marks of Pass/Fail, are used to calculate GPA.

Points are earned by the final grade earned in each class:
A=4 points, B= 3 points, C=2 points, D=1 points F=0 points.

Weighted Points

Students earn ½ of an extra point for courses that are classified as Honors, 1 extra point for the AP portion of Advanced Placement courses, and ½ of an extra point for the Honors portion of Advanced Placement courses. These extra points do not change the actual grade earned, they only affect the student’s grade point average.

Special Recognition
High ranking Juniors will be invited to serve as Junior Marshals at graduation. This distinction will be determined at the end of the first semester of the junior year and based on a weighted class rank.

Juniors who have a weighted grade point average of 3.96 or above, at the end of the first semester of the junior year, will be inducted into the National Honor Society.

Seniors, who have a weighted grade point average of 3.5 or higher, at the end of the first semester of their senior year, will graduate with honors and be recognized at a special ceremony and at graduation.
3.5– 4.0 graduate with Honors
4.0– 4.44 graduate with High Honors
4.5 or above graduate with Highest Honors


A C Reynolds High School is on a nine week grading period. Report cards will be printed and presented to students in mentoring group within a week of the end of each grading period. Final grades are determined based on calculations from two 9-week grading periods and a final exam. All classes will assign letter grades according to a 10 pt. grading scale. (Ex: A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, etc.)

Beginning 2015-16, Buncombe County Schools will follow a 10-point grading scale for all students in grades three through twelve (3-12). Grade point average calculations will be applied as follows:

 A: 90 100 = 4.0
 B: 80
89 = 3.0
 C: 70
79 = 2.0
 D: 60
69 = 1.0
 F: <59 = 0.0

The State Board approved 10-point grading scale will not include “pluses” or “minuses.” Grades from prior years will not be altered retroactively.

Honors Designations
3.99 graduate with Honors
4.0 - 4.24 graduate with High Honors
4.25 & above graduate with Highest Honors

Refer to Policy 3450 for class rank and course weight.

Presented to the Board for Information: May 7, 2015 Revised: May 3, 2018
Revised: June 28, 2018

Seniors who have a weighted grade point average of 3.5 or higher, at the end of the first semester of their senior year, will graduate with honors and be recognized. The student with the highest grade point average will be offered the opportunity to speak at graduation. 


Promotion to Grade 10 = 6 credits 
Promotion to Grade 11 = 13 credits 
Promotion to Grade 12 = 20 credits 

A county wide graduation ceremony will be held for mid year graduates and an AC Reynolds ceremony will be held at the end of the academic year.