Student Services


A C Reynolds offers to its students an opportunity to become involved in school clubs and organizations. A request to form a new club/organization must be submitted in writing to administration for approval. Listed below are the activities and clubs offered at A C Reynolds High School subject to student interest and sponsor availability. Current sponsors and/or information contacts are listed. 

Anime’ – Mr. Spisak 
Art/Special Projects – Ms. Briden 
Chorale – Mr. Haynie
Color Guard – Mr. Haynie
DECA – Mr. Furlow 
Drill Team & Rauder - ROTC
Environmental Club – Ms. Conwell
FCCLA- Ms. , Ms. Greene, Ms. A.King 
FFA - Mr. Kuster
GSA-Mr. Daniel Clare
HOSA - Ms. Buie, Ms. Jones
Journalism/Broadcast – Ms. Armistead
Marching Band – Mr. S. Smith
Math Club – 
National Honor Society – 
Prom Promise -
REACH – Ms. Sager
Science Olympiad - Mr. Spisak, Mr. Hutchinson
Student Climate: Ms. Briggs, Ms. DuMont
Student Council – Ms. Choi 
Technology Student Association- Mr. Kimbrough 
World Language – 
Yearbook - Ms. Troy



AC Reynolds High School strives to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for students. Safety is a matter of teamwork and requires the cooperation of students, drivers, parents, and the school system. (Violation of any of the listed rules may result in a suspension from the bus and/or school).

Property damages to buses will be paid for by those responsible. The school bus is an extension of the school campus and all Buncombe County and A..C Reynolds rules and policies apply.

1. Passengers must be ready and on time for the bus.

2. Passengers must wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before making any movement toward the bus.

3. When a passenger enters the bus, he should take a seat quickly and remain seated.

4. Throwing objects in or about the bus will not be tolerated.

5. Passengers must never use profane and indecent language, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages while riding the bus or waiting to board the bus.

6. Passengers shall not be loud, boisterous, or distract the driver's attention in any other way.

7. Passengers must never tamper with the emergency door or any other part of the bus.

8. A passenger must never mar or deface the bus in any way.

9. Passengers shall never attempt to ride on a school bus unless assigned to it by the principal. (G.S. 115-184 (A). Students who ride on an unauthorized bus are not covered by insurance.

10. Passengers shall not be standing or walking on a bus while it is in motion.

11. Passengers shall not loiter or play near a stopped bus but shall walk quickly to their residences or to the school.

12. Students must obey the bus driver.

13. Students may be assigned seats on the bus.

14. Eating or selling items on the bus is prohibited.

15. Failure to follow bus rules will result in the privilege to ride the bus.

16. Second load students should remain in designated area until bus arrives.

During the first few days of school, there will be changes in our bus routes and time schedules. From year to year student enrollments shift to different areas.

If parents or students are aware of a bus problem, they should contact the administrator in charge of transportation.



The cafeteria operates for the convenience and good health of its students. All items other than the regular lunch meal are an added charge. Student charges will be limited to no more than $10.00. Students should show the staff respect by behaving and keeping the cafeteria neat and clean. All plates, silver, napkins, empty 14 milk cartons, and so forth must be taken to the proper disposal area when lunch is completed. Students are only to be in the cafeteria, commons area or picnic area during lunch. Failure to comply will result in discipline for being in an undesignated area. Students will need their student ID number when purchasing meals. All cafeteria charges must be clear for student to attend PROM, Senior Picnic, or other extracurricular activities.

Breakfast: Universal Free Breakfast for all students

Lunch: Student reduced $.40, Student paid $2.35, Student extreme meal $2.75

All halls are closed to students during lunch. Students are not to leave campus for the purpose of eating. Students who bring lunch are to eat in the assigned areas only. Outside delivery of food is not permitted, including delivery by parents, family member, or friends.


Each student may be issued a locker. The locker is their responsibility for neatness, cleanliness, and damages. Lockers or combinations should not be shared for security of personal items. Lockers are subject to searches by school officials. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



The library media center is open from 7:30am to 4p daily, except Friday when it closed during Rocket Fuel. Students are welcome to use the facility before school, after school, or during their lunch period. Student use is also permitted during class time with written permission from a teacher. Some use restrictions may apply when classes are scheduled in the media center. Black and white photocopies or computer printouts are $0.10 per page and color printouts are $0.25 per page.

Books may be checked out for a three-week period and may be renewed for three additional weeks. Students are fined $0.10 per day for overdue books. Students are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost or damaged book in addition to any accrued overdue fines. A “Stop Card” will be issued to students who do not pay fines in a timely manner.



Parking is a privilege at A C Reynolds High School given to students who accept the responsibilities that go with such a privilege. A.C. Reynolds High School is not responsible for damages incurred to vehicles parked on campus during the school day or overnight. Parking on neighboring private or business property to access school grounds is not permitted and school discipline may apply. TO PURCHASE A PARKING PERMIT YOU MUST:

1. Have a valid North Carolina driver’s license.

2. Have completed a parking registration form with parent signature

3. Pay a $45 parking registration fee. For the 2016-2017 school year parking fees are subject to change per Board approval.

4. Be cleared of any Stop Cards.


1. Speeding (over 25 mph on access roads-10 mph in parking lot.

2. Not displaying sticker properly.

3. Parking in an undesignated area.

4. Having more than 9 absences per semester.

5. 3rd time in ISS for the year.

6. 2nd time OSS for the year.

7. Changing vehicle without registering it.

8. Tardies to school or class at nine or beyond.

Students who violate parking regulations, will have his/her vehicle wheel locked and receive disciplinary action.

There will be a $10.00 fee for replacing a lost or misplaced sticker.


Students are responsible for issued textbooks. Lost textbooks must be paid for prior to receiving a second copy. Damages to textbooks will be assessed based upon estimated replacement or repair cost.