Illegal Activities


AC Reynolds High School is a tobacco free school. School policy prohibits the use of tobacco products and e-cigs everywhere by everyone at all times. The first offense of tobacco possession carries a penalty of 2 days of OSS and the student must take an on-line course on tobacco education. Refer to the Discipline Policy

Procedures for additional offenses. In addition, all state and county policies or laws will apply to violators.



Weapons are prohibited on school campus by state law. Students in possession of weapons/firearms will be removed from the school campus, and suspended with a recommended long-term suspension up to 365 days and prosecuted.

1. Possession of a firearm on school property by a student is a FELONY.

Even if the weapon is unloaded and locked in a vehicle or container and on school property, it is a misdemeanor for adults.

2. Possession of BB guns, air pistols, knives and other weapons on school property is a misdemeanor.

3. It is unlawful to cause, aid, or encourage anyone to bring a firearm or other weapon on school property.

4. It is unlawful for anyone under age eighteen to possess a handgun, except under special circumstances and conditions.

5. It is unlawful for anyone to sell or give a handgun to a minor.

The Buncombe County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities, in compliance with applicable federal and state laws.



The use or possession of controlled substances or possession of paraphernalia as defined by North Carolina Law, including alcohol is prohibited on school property at all times, which includes school sponsored activities or events. Possession of substances that simulate controlled substances is also prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken in instances of violation of this policy as well as possible legal action.

Any senior who violates this policy of the Board within the last ten (10) school days shall automatically forfeit the right to participate in graduation exercises with his class, in addition to any other punishment imposed by the administration. The principal of each high school will notify the seniors and the parents of this policy by the end of the first school month. 17

Sale or distribution of drugs, narcotics, or alcohol on campus or within 1000 yards of campus is a violation of federal and state law, and will result in 10 days out of school suspension, legal action, and long-term suspension.