Parking Registration - In JROTC Classroom (Gym Rm G-425)
Wednesday, 8 August      8:30 -11:30 AM - Seniors Only
                                                1:30 - 3:30 PM - Juniors and Seniors
Thursday, 9 August          8:30 - 11:30 AM - Juniors and Seniors/Sophomores (Outer Lot Only)
Form below or open as a word document -Registration form

Parking Registration Form


To register a vehicle for campus parking, complete the information below and return it along with your $45 fee. If paying by check, MAKE IT PAYABLE TO: A.C. REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL. You will receive your permit and receipt when the fee is paid and ALL information and signatures are complete.  STUDENTS WITH STOP CARDS WILL NOT RECEIVE A PERMIT UNTIL ALL OBLIGATIONS ARE MET.


Parking is “first come - first serve” with registration for SENIORS ONLY on August 8th and remaining student drivers on August 9th.  The lot next to the football stadium will be reserved for Seniors and Juniors only. Once the lot is full, remaining Juniors and Seniors will be assigned spaces in the lot above the softball  field.  All sophomores will be assigned spaces in the lot above the softball field.  Seniors and Juniors assigned to this lot can place their names on a waiting list in the event that a space opens up in the lot by the football stadium.


Your parking space is ASSIGNED.  YOU MUST PARK ONLY IN YOUR NUMERICALLY ASSIGNED SPACE.  If someone else is parked in your space, park in the non-numbered spaces in the lot above the softball field and report the incident in the green binder located in the front office.


If you change vehicles, you MUST fill out a new registration form and give it to the parking coordinator (Ms. Shuford) within 48 hours. For temporary changes (2 weeks or less) you can move the tag to the temporary vehicle and document the vehicle change in the green binder located in the front office. You may register a second vehicle if the change is going to be recurring frequently.


Parking at AC Reynolds High School should be considered a privilege.  Violation of parking rules may result in possible monetary fines, ISS, and/or the revocation of the permit and privilege to park on campus.  All rules for driving and parking on campus are located on this signed registration form and on the school web-site.

Parking Rules

·         Park only in your assigned space or authorized area

·         Display your permit at ALL times: hang on rear-view mirror with number facing toward front window

·         Do not share your permit with others

·         Do not use another student’s permit

·         Do not use an expired permit

·         Do not park in a spot marked for disability/handicap unless authorized to do so

·         Do not park in a no parking zone or other undesignated area

·         Do not park improperly (stay within designated spot)

·         Drive safely.  No speeding.  No reckless or unsafe driving.


Consequences for Parking Violations

Failure to follow the rules will result in the following consequences:

  • 1st OFFENSE:       $5.00 PENALTY FEE
  • 2nd OFFENSE:      $5.00 PENALTY FEE, referral: (1) day ISS
  • 3rd OFFENSE:       $10.00 PENALTY FEE, referral: (2) days ISS, loss of parking privilege for (1) week
  • 4th OFFENSE:       loss of parking privilege for the remainder of the semester
  • Parents will be contacted for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th offense
  • Penalty fees not paid within five school days, from the date you are called to the office, will result in the doubling of the fine and loss of parking privilege until the fine is paid in full
  • If your parking permit/privilege has been revoked and you are found parking on the property, administrative consequences (ISS/OSS) will be assigned


STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________________ 

GRADE:     Senior    Junior     Sophomore     Freshman     (Circle one)


VEHICLE MAKE: (ex. FORD, CHEVY, TOYOTA)_____________________________

TYPE MODEL: (EXPLORER, CAMARO, ETC)________________________________

COLOR: _______________________  

LISENCE PLATE NUMBER/STATE: __________________

STUDENT’S DRIVERS LICENSE #: _____________________________

My signature indicates that I have read the rules, agree to follow the rules, and accept the consequences if rules are violated. 

Student Signature:                      __________________________   DATE: ___________Student Contact #:                       __________________________ 
Parent Signature:                          _____________ ______________                DATE: ___________

Parent Contact #:                         ___________________________

To be completed by the office:

Date: ___________ Cash: _____ Check: _______ Sticker # __________