Academic Support

Academic Support is offered for students with IEP'S this class gives students 90 minutes of extra instructional time to complete work, gain new or needed skills or have reinforcement for their current class and to achieve IEP goals. In Academic Support students are taught learning and study skills, self advocacy and college entrance skills and organizational skills. They are also given time to complete assignments for other classes that require needed support.


We offer various types of Support. We have English support at all four levels, with the main focus in English and assistance in other subjects.


We offer resource math classes with a focus in math. In this classroom students have the chance to receive extra math support for those tough math classes.


We also offer various levels of inclusion classes. In inclusion classes special education teacher co-teachers with a regular education teacher to add support for students in the regular education setting.


In all these areas of support the student is the key to their learning and expressing their needs to allow for them to become better self advocates and responsible for their own learning.