Occupational Course of Study

The Occupational Course of Study is a course of study a student with disabilities may complete to graduate with a high school diploma or certificate in North Carolina. The Occupational Course of Study is intended to meet the needs of a small group of students with disabilities who require a greatly modified curriculum that focuses on post school employment and inde\pendent living.
Course Requirements                                                                                                Credits Required   
Occupational English                                                                                                               4
Occupational Math                                                                                                                   2
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
Financial Mgt.
Social Studies                                                                                                                           2
Occ. Social Studies   I&II
Science                                                                                                                                      2
Life Skills Science
Occupational Preparation                                                                                                       10
Occ. Prep I
Occ. Prep II A&B
Occ. Prep  III A&B
Occ. Prep IV
Career Training I,II,III,&IV
Vocational Education                                                                                                                4
Regular Career/ Tech. Classes
Health & Physical Education                                                                                                    1
Elective Classes                                                                                                                         2
Total Course Credits                                                                                                                  28