Band Parents Association

The A. C. Reynolds High School Band Parent Association, Inc.
(BPA) is comprised of a group of parent volunteers who have
children enrolled in the school’s Concert or Symphonic Wind

Our History:
In 1975 the school’s band parents incorporated under the name of A.
C. Reynolds Band Aid Association, Inc. In 1992, the dissolution of
that group was rolled over into the newly formed Reynolds Band
Parents Association Inc. More recently, the 2011 band parents
amended the 1992 incorporation and emerged as the A. C. Reynolds
High School Band Parent Association, Inc. or just ACRHS BPA. No
matter the corporation name, band parents have always been
supportive of the musical talents their children have displayed during
the past years and will continue their support as new students enroll
and their parents become involved.
Our Mission:
The BPA exists as an incorporated organization to financially support
and adapt to the changing educational needs of the entire high school
band program and the objectives of its band director at A.C.
Reynolds High School.
Our Purpose:
Organize fundraising to help the band director meet the financial
needs and goals of the band program. We encourage parents to participate in any fundraisers.
Our Fundraising:
The BPA’s fundraising efforts produce products in support of
the band program, which includes concert and symphonic bands, marching band, ensembles, and any needs at the discretion of the band director. 
Spending The Raised Funds:
The BPA has a minimal operating budget to fund its own annual
expenses. The greater percentage of our money funds the band
program with the purchase of:
- Sheet music
- New instruments
- Repairing of existing instruments
- Instruction during marching band camp
- Scholarships for students unable to afford entrance fees into
auditions and clinics
- Busing and drivers for events
- Guest conductors during the school year
- Band entry fees for competitions
- Uniform maintenance for marching band including dry cleaning
- Student hotel expenses for out of town band clinics
Questions? Contact the President:
Keller Knight -