PTSO Classroom Grant

Greetings Teachers!

 The A.C. Reynolds PTSO is gearing up for another ambitious fundraising effort for the upcoming school year.  We are excited about the opportunities to assist with classroom needs through our efforts. 

 Through hard work and trying a variety of new approaches to raising dollars, we were able to grant over $5,600 toward your requests the past two school years. We were pleased that we could fund so many needs, albeit not always at the level of funding that was requested. In anticipation of a similar number of requests this year, the PTSO wanted to alert you to the considerations and criteria we will follow when funding teacher grants. 

 PTSO Teacher Grant Considerations

  • PTSO will need to limit grant awards in response to requests from teachers of up to $300 per academic year. Please note that the amount of grant may not be for full amount based on membership dues received.
  • Academic needs will take precedent over non-academic requests.
  • Requests for funding of club activities will, in general, not be funded.  However, if the need serves a large group of students and is tied directly to the classroom curriculum, PTSO will consider the request.
  • Adherence to the grant deadline.
  • Requests for school operational/maintenance needs must come directly from the principal and will be considered based on priority and only if dollars are available.
  • Assistance from teachers to help spread the word or provide information on major fundraising initiatives such as the Kaplan SAT practice test is encouraged and appreciated. 

 Be assured that we will make every effort to fund as many grants as possible.  If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria, go ahead and submit. Please note that grants will not be distributed until after Open House.

 We appreciate all that you do for our children and community.  And, we recognize the challenges that budget woes and the economy have placed on the education system.  Our goal is to earn enough dollars not only to provide extra assistance in the classroom through these grants, but also to continue providing the assistance on such projects as Senior Project Nights, National Honor Society Induction, Seniors Honors Ceremony and the other projects that the school administration relies on us to handle each year. 

Thanks again for all you do!

A.C. Reynolds PTSO Board

FOR THE GRANT APPLICATION PLEASE  Click here  Grant Application