English IV Syllabus

Welcome to English IV (2017-2018)

Leigh Ray/Room 314        leigh.ray@bcsemail.org        828-298-2500

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


This course will expose students to a broad variety of British literature and will work to enable the learner to appreciate more fully the complexities of the written word.  Becoming fluent, literate students also requires some attention to communication skills, and the course is designed to strengthen both written and oral communication.  A major component of the course is the Graduation (Senior) Project, a semester-long series of tasks that combines research, writing, speaking, and interaction with the community.  It is imperative that deadlines are met to ensure success on the graduation project. Successfully completing English IV and the Graduation Project are graduation requirements!



At Reynolds High School we adhere to a code of ethics which is crucial to your success inside and outside of the classroom.  There are three requirements which are referred to as RPI: Respect, Pride, Integrity


Cell Phones: The expectation for students who bring a cell phone to school is that they will drop the phone off in a designated area at the beginning of class and retrieve their phone at the end of class. Phones must not be visible during class and will need to be put on airplane mode before they are collected. This will ensure that there is enough broadband to support the one-to-one devices and will help prevent distractions. Students who do not comply with this expectation will have their phones taken and turned in to the office.


Attendance: Regular attendance is essential for success in all your classes. Five absences are allowed for each semester. On the sixth absence, a letter will be sent home to alert the parent/guardian that days must be made up to receive credit for the course.


Grading Procedures: Grades are based on a weighted scale. The scale is as follows:

Major Grades (tests, projects)                         35%                

Vocabulary Quizzes (every Friday)                  20%

Other quizzes (grammar, literary terms)           20%

Classwork (readings, practice)                        15%

Homework (vocabulary practice)                     10%




Make-up Work:  Students are responsible for their own make-up work.

a.         See me for make-up work before or after school or during Rocket Fuel

b.         Follow the guidelines in the student handbook regarding make-up work.


Late Work: Late work will drop a letter grade (10 points) each day it is late. It is imperative that work is turned in on time.





  • Three ring binder with dividers
  • black or blue pens or pencils
  • loose leaf notebook paper
  • One to one device
  • Kleenex or hand sanitizer (optional)



One to One Device: The one to one device will be used daily in class. It is very important that students bring the device charged and ready to use every day. Class assignments will be placed on the online classroom. Possible educational websites used in class may include vocabulary.com, Newsela, readtheory.org, Peardeck, and Kahoots. We will research and write the research paper for the graduation project on the one to one device instead of going to the computer lab! Please make sure you have it every day!



Text: The Language of Literature McDougal Littell

  • Macbeth by Shakespeare
  • Beowulf author unknown
  • The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
  • Various poems, short stories, and nonfiction articles
  • Supplemental readings


Possible Supplemental Readings:

  • 1984 by Orwell
  • Animal Farm by Orwell
  • The Road by McCarthy


If you have any questions regarding the reading material and/or would like to request an alternative reading, please contact Doris Sellers, ACR Principal, at 298-2500.








Parent/ Guardian Information Sheet

It is very important that I have accurate up to date contact information, so I can keep parents and guardians informed on their student’s progress and behavior. If your contact information changes during the school year, please take a moment to update your information with the school or email me and I will forward the information to our data manager.

I would encourage every parent/ guardian to make use of the parent portal through PowerSchool. This information is located on the A. C. Reynolds home page or through this link: https://buncombe.powerschool.com/public/home.html


Parent/Guardian Name

First _________________________ Last________________________________

Home #_______________ Cell #__________________ Work#__________­­_____

Email ____________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name

First __________________________ Last_______________________________

Home #_______________ Cell #__________________ Work#__________­­_____

Email ____________________________________________________________


Student Name

First__________________________ Last________________________________