Briden, Mary (Art)
 Welcome to
Mary Briden's
Art Classroom!
   Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with course specifics, particularly those related to your current schedule. You are joining a nationally recognized art program with class offerings ranging from Beginning to AP Studio Art. 
   I believe that arts exposure is a vital component of a student's educational experience. Our world and the knowledge base of humanity is rapidly changing. This context alone makes it urgent that new and more innovative approaches are applied to educating students.
   These same changes also make it possible to personalize education. Our minds imagine incredible ideas, and we use this same imagination for creative problem solving in every arena of our life's work. When we cultivate this habit in students, this leads to innovation. I side with scholars such as Sir Ken Robinson that the arts are no longer a luxury for the few. They are vital to our future success as a nation. 
   My instructional strategies include traditional studio practices that stress in-depth study of both classical and contemporary artists and styles. I received my Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Fine Art Painting at the University of Louisville. It is my goal to continue to integrate technology-based and personalized instruction here at Reynolds as part of our larger initiative of preparing students for the 21st Century workplace.
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