Kuster, Ernest (CTE-Agriculture)

Hello and welcome to AC Reynolds High School and the CTE Agricultural Department!!!!

Agriculture focus is on plant science/animal science/ag mechanics/horticulture and environmental science.  We strive to apply the basic sciences to all of the above topics. 

Welcome to my Classroom
Ernest G. Kuster
Welcome to the Agricultural Department of A.C. Reynolds HS.
Here is a short biography about me.  I am currently 60 years old and we live in Cane Creek Valley. I  have been teaching at Reynolds HS. for 25 years.  I was born on a progressive dairy, poultry and grain farm in central western NJ.  Our family had 400 dairy cows, 100,000 laying hens and 2700 ares of corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, silage and other assorted crops.  I am a graduate of Purdue University with a BS degree in Ag Economics and ran our family farm from 1981- 1988. when it was sold.  I then started my teaching career working for Rutgers University, and moved to Florida working for the University of Florida, both jobs as a Cooperative Extension Agent.  I then changed to a teaching position for Palm Beach County Schools, teaching Veterinarian Science and Technology.  We moved to Buncombe County in 1995 and I have been teaching Agriculture to young adults, at ACR ever since.  I am married to Elesa Kuster, a math instructor at Reynolds.  I also have a son, Ethan, who is currently a graduate of UNCC  and has recently joined the armed forces. I also have a step daughter, Mary, who is traveling the world and a stepson Stephen, who is a graduate of College at Limestoneis a manager at 84 lumber. I enjoy gardening, landscaping, woodworking, camping, hiking, refurbishing automobiles, and model trains.  We also farm in the cane creek valley during the summer.  We are growing sweet corn and ear corn for deer, squirrels, chickens etc.
My current schedule is:
1st semester-Fall -2019            2nd semester-Spring 2020
1st   Animal Science I                        Ag Mechanics  II
2nd  Planning                                       Planning
3rd  Ag Mechanics I                          Ag Mechanics I
4th  Animal Science  I                         Horticulture I