Course Overview


LET LEVEL:  I & Drill Leader

Unit 1: Leadership Education and Training (LET) 1: The Emerging Leader: This is the first of four core courses in the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) high school program. This course supports 22 lessons designed for first-year Cadets. Because the central focus of the JROTC program is to help develop strong leaders and model citizens. First year Cadets are introduced to content that will help the inner leader begin to emerge. Knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in this unit are covered in six chapters. They are:

Chapter 1: JROTC Foundations introduces Cadets to the mission of the program and how it helps prepare personal success and citizenship. They are exposed to the traditions, organizational structure, and disciplines of JROTC and begin putting into practice customs and courtesies important in the program.

Chapter 2: Personal Growth and Behaviors focuses on the Cadet. In this chapter they take a close look at personal behavioral preferences, interpersonal skills and abilities, and strategies to help build personal success -- in the high school classroom, the JROTC program, and the Cadet's community.

Chapter 3: Team Building introduces Cadets to the discipline and structure of military drill. The individual role responding to commands and moving with precision is essential when participating in drill exercises at future competitions or community events.

Chapter 4: Decision Making introduces Cadets to a process and system for addressing goals and handling conflict, both internal and with others.

Chapter 5: Health and Fitness looks at stress and its effect on health. In this chapter, Cadets will examine ways to address and manage stress in life. Physical fitness is one effective strategy for maintaining health and is an essential component of this JROTC program through Cadet Challenge.

Chapter 6: Service Learning is a required element of the JROTC program. In LET 1, Cadets learn the features and benefits of service learning for the community, one's self, and the JROTC program.

JROTC Drill Leader Course: This course is an extension of Chapter 1 JROTC Foundations and Chapter 3 Team Building and is designed to enhance Cadet knowledge in all four levels of the JROTC program.  The course is a leadership laboratory designed to develop expertise in the performance of regulation close order and exhibition drill techniques and instill confidence and pride. The course instructs Cadets in the basics of individual stationary, facing and marching movements drill commands and the use of command voice.  As cadets master these skills, they will gain the confidence to take charge of and leading Team and Squad formations. The size and type of unit formations increase until all Cadets are fully versed in the performance of Individual Drill, Team, Squad, Platoon Company and Battalion Drill. The second nine weeks builds on the first with learning to plan, prepare, and execute various ceremonies including honor guards, color guards, flag details, award and promotion ceremonies, and unit passes in review. Finally Exhibition Performance Drill at Individual and Squad level to allow Cadets Leaders and their subordinates to exercise creativity and precision with the development of their own individual and squad routines to be used in performances for both competition and the public events.