Sketchbook Assignment #1

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08/20/2015 08/26/2015
Sketchbook Assignment #1

I. Choose one of the artists from the list provided below and complete the following:

1)  Summary of artist style, medium, & why you chose

2)  Sketch favorite piece from his/her series

3)  Create a small study of your original artwork in the style of chosen artist


II. This exercise is about making marks with varying amounts of control over your drawing ability. Your aim is to hold your marking implement on an extension using several different mark making tools. Make at least three different drawings. Use blind, continuous, cross contour, and other drawing techniques to describe the items you are looking at. At least one of the drawings should include the following technique: with non-dominant hand, feel the texture and form of an object such as your face and try to draw the object.


III. Bind two pencils together in order to produce a range of dense and sometimes unpredictable marks.  This will provide you with a surface to adjust, restructure, and work with and against. This exercise provides you with the opportunity to start making marks inside the form and thereby breaking the habit of using line to describe the outside contour line first. Take some of the classroom objects and textures. Blindfold yourself and try to drawing the description of the object that you feel.



Artist to Research for their mark making style:


Horst Janssen

Jose Parla

Karin Ceeeler

Matt Brown

Howard Tangye

Francesco Clemente

Dale Berning

Alberto Giacometti

Mike Parr

Lena Ohlen

Joan Mitchell

Jan Schoonhoven

Jasper Johns

Arnaldo Roche