Graphic Design Unit - Project #3
10/02/2015 10/28/2015

Review the following PowerPoint presentations from class lecture. Choose one of the following options based on your portfolio preferences:

Abstract Typography

Virtual Street Art

Computer Art - Surrealism


Summary of project options:

  • Abstract Typography using Juxtaposition of Typeface
  • Virtual Street Art 
  • Blend an inanimate object with an animate object in Photoshop
  • Create a social activism poster about an issue you are passionate about
  • Create your own likeness as a Stop-Motion Animation Character Design or
  • Reinterpret a fairy tale theme with a modern twist using “paper doll” marketing
  • Typography Design using only the words to a favorite song, poem, etc.
  • Poster advertising an upcoming regional cultural event with typography as the primary design element.
    • Or Movie poster design for an up-coming Futuristic/Sci-fi film
    • Combine hand-drawn imagery with graphics to produce intended mood
    • Create a poster for a public service campaign using minimalist art & typography
  • Portrait using only type to describe the person's features
    • Try only using type that describes them or their personality!