Projects 1-3: Portrait Series
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02/02/2016 04/08/2016

 Sketchbook Artist Research –

Research contemporary and master painters whose style you would like to emulate.
Summarize your findings as a brief presentation (1-2 paragraphs) to your teacher along with your project studie


Self-Portrait Series must meet the following minimum requirements:

1)One traditional self-portrait, drawn in charcoal FROM LIFE, straight forward or ¾ view.

2) One Self-Portrait in an ATYPICAL (unusual) pose and/or point-of-view that is in the style of your chosen contemporary artist.

    Must include compositional devices such a visual narrative, strong contrast of lights and darks, and/or complex figure/ground relationships. Your chosen artist's creative process/style should be evident in your work as well.

3) One symbolic self-portrait with abstract or non-objective elements.