AP Studio Drawing Syllabus Fall, 2016
06/02/2016 04/28/2017

AP Studio Drawing Syllabus

Summer Assignments:

All projects are to be no smaller than 8” X 10” and no larger than 18” X 24” on your choice of surface (paper, canvas, mat board, cardboard, wood, etc.) Each artwork should take a minimum of 10 hours, be drawn or painted on quality paper, display forethought, good composition, exceptional craftsmanship, have mature subject matter. Good composition considers both the foreground and background. Negative space should be as attractive as the positive forms! Plan on working 10 hours plus per week. Pace yourself and work consistently. This is not an assignment to wait until August to begin!!! Plan on regular artistic outings, perhaps with friends, to keep you on track. Go on museum and art gallery visits, art openings, hikes, etc.

 Let the beauty of our area inspire you to think of forms in alternative ways. When possible, always work first from life, second from your own good quality full-page color photos. When you draw, practice looking at the subject matter then your paper, up and down, up and down. Teach your eye to see and your hand to render at the same time. Rely on what you see in front of you – avoid drawing from your imagination unless you are doing abstract lines and shapes. Even fantasy artists work from life first – then alter their subject matter, exaggerating or altering shapes and sizes.

Assignment 1: Drawing-Still Life Collection

Draw a large collection of items, from direct observation, that have some real or conceptual connection to one another. Consider concept, craftsmanship, and composition along with your mark making style in rendering the subject matter in an exceptional manner. The goal for the summer assignments is to create projects that can be used in your Quality section of the AP portfolio simply because your time is not as constrained as it will be during the school year. Take full advantage of this opportunity! You may be creative in your choice of media, but standard recommendations for this assignment are graphite, pastel, charcoal and/or Prismacolor pencils. This assignment is meant to demonstrate skill and detail of rendering, however, so for this assignment it is recommended that the choices be limited to drawing media.

Collection by Esi Collection by Autumn

Assignment 2: Candle or Low Lit Interior Drawing/Painting

Find a situation in your life, perhaps inside of your house, where the room is lit only by a candle’s light or perhaps moon light. The darker values, then, will far outweigh the lights. This may involve painting in a room with a spotlight on your work and candle light on the subject matter. Seek out the drama in a high contrast view in similar fashion as Munch’s Night in St. Cloud, Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters, or Rembrandt’s Holy Family. Utilize what you have learned about color to this point in dealing with this. Do not rely solely or heavily on black in the shadowed areas to solve this visual challenge.

Darkened Interior by Esi

Assignment 3: Triptych a la Impressionism

During your summer break, look for a complex building or object that you find interesting and would serve as the basis of a series of three mini-compositions in the Impressionistic style--capturing the light and color quality of an object at a specific moment in time. Visit the sight at three distinctly different times of the day such as morning, afternoon, and twilight to capture the light, shadow, and color quality of each unique time frame. Each of the three compositions in the triptych should measure 8 X 10 inches and should be created on high quality watercolor, pastel, or drawing paper. It is your artistic challenge to show each of the day points in their own beauty and charm, using your choice of media. Remember to take particular note of your mark making technique as it applies to the surface and media choice(s).

Tryptich by Julia


Assignment 4: Capturing the Elements- Earth, Water, Air, & Fire

The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements from which everything was made: earth, water, air, and fire. This idea was the cornerstone of philosophy science, and medicine for 2000 years. Capture the visual grandeur of one of these states by creating your own elemental composition. If water is your choice, for example, then perhaps steam would be an excellent subject matter. For the element of air, perhaps capture the hazy aerial perspective of the distant mountains on a hot & humid July afternoon. Perhaps a camp fire in the mountains on a moonless evening would be a more exciting choice for you. Whatever the decision, do it with style and passion!

Mixed Media Self Portrait by Julia