Ag Mechanics I & II

Ag Mechanics I is just like the title says, the mechanics and principles of Agriculture. Ag Mechanics involves Basic Ag Awareness, Leadership and Employability, Engineering/Mechanics (shop safety, tools,welding, machine repair and operation, buildings and structures, concrete, masonry, irrigation, plumbing, electrical, and basic carpentry), 

Ag Mechanics II - A continuation of Ag Mechanics I plus more welding, safety and OSHA, power systems, tractors, surveying, plumbing, and fencing.

If we are virtual you may wish to purchase your own textbook.  They are usually about $30.00 at the used book websites.  The one in the classroom is: Agricultural Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications by Ray V. Herren 5th edition.  I will copy some of the information and put it on Google Classroom, I suggest you get a copy if possible.

If you are currently employed, getting a job, or volunteering at some venue that is related to any of our CTE programs, you may want to enroll in our internship program at the high school to receive a high school credit while working. This can be either during or after school.  To get more information please contact our guidance department or our CDC/CTE Coordinator at (828) 298-2500.