Animal Science I

Animal Science is for students who want to work with animals or in the animal industry.  Leadership, Employability, Records, Reproduction, Genetics, Digestion, Nutrition, Evaluation. We have a small herd of assorted animals, cattle, goats, chickens and rabbits with the periodic dog and cat.  We encourage students who are interested in  animals or veterinarian technology to go to A-B Tech for their Vet-Tech program.  We also encourage students to take an internship with a local veterinarian or some type of animal based job, off campus during school or after school, to work for and learn more about the industry before taking college classes.  Internships are a great way to learn about animal science by doing hands on work in real world settings, and you can receive a high school credit at the same time.  For more information about internships please contact the guidance department or our CDC/CTE Coordinator at (828)298-2500.