2009 Summer Adventure

                         My dad and I at the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI.
Hi, and thanks for visiting my 2009 Hawaii Adventure page.
In the summer of 2009 I spent 15 days in Hawaii.  It was as gorgeous as I had imagined it to be; sunny almost every day with a cool breeze and a casual atmosphere. 
Check out a few pics from the trip:
          Along the Southeastern coast of Maui, on the way to Hana.  Spectacular.
                                           What can I say???  It's Oahu
                           My 8 day home near Diamond Head, at Waikiki.
               On the way to an actual sub ride to a depth of 110 feet...very cool.
                                               Another view of Waikiki.
    Aboard the USS Missouri.  The 16 inch barrels send a 2200 lb shell over 20 miles.
     This green sand beach is the result of olivine (green) mixed with the black basalt
          The middle pool is where the ocean mixes with the stream from the land
 A cooled and hardened lava lake from 1959.  Look very hard for the person on the trail.
     Lava pours non stop into the ocean here since 1983, as seen from 2 miles away.
                A close up the 1900 degree lava entering the 75 degree ocean.
                           Nuttin' but cooled lava as far as the eye can see.
                    Were these guys the lucky or the UN-lucky survivors???
                  The huge Keck telescopes atop Mauna Kea, at 13,800 feet.
             The waves making the black sand beaches on the big island (Hawaii).