Consequences and Grading



I.  Most behavioral correction will occur in class. 

However, the following will occur if a student does not comply:


II. A verbal warning will be given. 


III. After the verbal warning, a communication will go to the student’s parents or guardians. 


IV. If the communication to the parents or guardians doesn’t remedy the situation, the student will be given detention.


V.  If the detention doesn’t work, the student will be sent to the office on the next violation of the same problem. 


VI.  Cellphone usage will follow normal school rules.


VII. Physical assault or insubordination will be dealt with immediately by the student being escorted to the office.




1.  Periodic daily grades for completion of written homework. 


2.  Periodic daily grades for oral classroom performance, demonstrating knowledge of assigned work. 


3.  Quiz grades on vocabulary or grammar. 


4.  Lesson tests. 


5.  Unit tests. 


6.  Comprehensive final exam. 


7.  Creative writing:  essay or poem on some aspect of culture. 


8.  Culture arts:  interpretation of some aspect of culture. 


9.  Vocabulary in context:  vocabulary records from readings in books or periodicals. 


10.  Grade breakdown: 


Tests: 35%

Quizzes: 25%

Homework: 25%

Class work: 15%