American History II

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American History II class syllabus for Spring 2021

Course Overview: Students will examine the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the United States from the end of the Reconstruction era to present times. Students will trace the change in the ethnic composition of American society; the movement toward equal rights for racial minorities and women; and the role of the United States as a major world power. An emphasis is placed on the expanding role of the federal government and federal courts as well as the continuing tension between the individual and the state. The desired outcome of this course is for students to develop an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship between past and present events, recognize patterns of interactions, and understand the impact of events on the United States in an interconnected world.

Units of Study:

Unit 1: The West and the Gilded Age

Unit 2: The Progressives, Imperialism & WWI 1890s - 1919

Unit 3: The 1920s and 30s

Unit 4 - WWII - 1938 - 1945

Unit 5 - Cold War (International) 1945 - 1973

Unit 6 - Social Change in America 1945 - 1975

Unit 7 - End of Cold War 1975 - 1990

Unit 8 - Globalization and Terrorism 1990 - 2010