Virtual Learning 2021-2022 (If reimplemented)

Virtual Learning 2020-2021

Office Hours: 
(7:30 am-9 am)

Preferred Method of Communication:  Please email me at the given address (  Expect a response within a day. 

Fall Semester for Miss Lewis:

Honors American History 1 (1st and 2nd)

Honors Civics and Economics (3rd)

Daily Zoom Schedule until after January 15th (Pending School Board decision)

1st Period: 8:30
2nd Period: 10:00 
3rd Period for social studies : 12:30 pm
4th Period: 1:45

Please click on the corresponding class tab for information about your class.

Please note that you ARE required to check in with all classes everyday and complete the given assignment of the day.

If you are having technology issues, please contact the Technology Department at:

Phone (828)-255-5987

Email:   (M-F 8 am-6 pm)