Course:                                   Integrated Math I

 Instructor:                             Mr. Britt Taylor

 Course Objectives: Integrated Mathematics 1 provides students the opportunity to study traditional topics from algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics in a problem-centered, connected approach. Students will be expected to describe and translate among graphic, algebraic, numeric, tabular, and verbal representations of relationships and use those representations to solve problems. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment.

 Prerequisites:                         Students should be able to:

        • Operate with real numbers to solve problems.
        • Use formulas to solve problems.
        • Find, identify, and interpret the slope and intercepts of a linear relation.
        • Visually determine the line of best fit for a given scatter plot; explain the meaning of the line; and make predictions using the line.
        • Collect, organize, analyze, and display data to solve problems.


Classroom Rules:      
1.   Be Respectful of yourself, others, and the teacher

2.      Be Responsible

3.      Be Ready


Course Requirements: Students are expected to participate in all classroom and homework activities and assignments.  Each of the 9 weeks will count for a total of 75% of the final grade and the final exam will count as the remaining 25%. 

                                    *Please note that if your son or daughter is taking Math 1 this year (HS credit) then their final exam will count for 25% of their overall grade.   I have yet to have anyone under my care make less than a C on the final.  I have and will prepare your student to be highly successful and ready for math in HS.  this course requires me to teach in a manner and use methods that are often quite different than most students are used to.  It requires independent thinking and perseverance throughout the year


Homework: 10%

Class Notebook/folder: (Participation grade)

Quizzes: 30%

Tests: 60%