Math 4 Announcments

The primary point of contact for students will always be through the Google Classroom page.  Information you need will either appear in new or edited assignment postings, or in the course stream.  You should not check the class webpage on the AC Reynolds website as an alternative to checking Google Classroom.
If you are a current student and ever have problems accessing Google Classroom, contact Mr Honea, or one of the school technology or media specialists, immediately.

School Onboarding Announcments
Every enrolled student has been sent an invitation, to your email, to join the Google Classroom for this course.  You need to accept that invitation to join the class.  You must use your school address for all accounts related to this class.
Every student (Cohort A, Cohort B, and Remote) must have some contact with the class every day during onboarding, even though your in-person class day (if applicable) will not be until the second week.  Check the Google Classroom daily for your instructions.  During the first week these assignments will mostly involve setting up your account and linking to our classroom in platforms  Khan Academy and Delta Math.   Even if you finish assignments in advance, there will be a daily submission required to confirm your attendance that day.  
If you have any problems accessing the Google Classroom, email Mr. Honea so he can help you deal with it, and that will also document your attendance for that day.