ACRHS Teacher of the Year

ACRHS Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/12/2021
CONGRATULATIONS to Katie Roman, who was selected by her peers to be the 2021-2022 ACRHS TEACHER OF THE YEAR.
Attributes of Katie:
- Katie is someone who is on this earth to make people smile.
- Katie has a true gift to light up any classroom with inspiration and motivate the unmotivated
- She is an amazing person and teacher. She has a niche to motivate some of our most challenging students.
- She has a way of building strong relationships with all students no matter their background.
- She is constantly monitoring the students and addressing their needs.
- Although Katie has an English background, she is extremely proficient in math and what she does not know she studies on her own so she can be of the best service for students.
- Katie is a team player. She goes above and beyond to assist any colleague in need without hesitation.
- Katie is an exemplary leader for her students and the staff.
- Katie makes her students feel valued and cared for beyond the content.
- Katie has a true missionary spirit and seeks to offer her best to everyone around her.
Katie Roman, TOY