Attendance Waivers

To have absences (greater than 5) considered for waiver by the AC Reynolds High Attendance Committee, you and your parent/guardian must complete fill out a waiver form (see below) and turn it in to counseling for review.

1. Turn in all absence documentation (Doctor’s notes, obituaries, court documents, etc…) to the main office
2. Complete the form linked (paper copies are available in counseling).
3. Make sure your parent/guardian has signed the Consent for Release of Information on the back of this form if this is a request due to health issues.
4. Check the category of your absence(s) and complete dates and absence information.
5. Return this completed form to your counselor in the counseling office, who will present the request for waiver to the attendance committee.
6. Attendance Waiver Requests without documentation will not be considered.

Requests for absences waived with only be considered for the following reasons:

Chronic Illness: Examples include asthma, diabetes, debilitating migraine headaches, and cancer treatments. You must provide a doctor’s note that includes an explanation of the chronic illness, & specific days missed from school due to the chronic illness. **Students with ongoing chronic health issues must provide doctor documentation AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.

Acute Illness:
Examples include emergency illnesses requiring hospitalization and/or surgery. Doctor and/or hospital documentation must be provided.

Death in Immediate Family:
Up to 3 days will be waived. Student should provide a copy of the obituary or service program.

Court Appearances:
Days a student is subpoenaed as a witness may be waived. Court appearances for involvement in criminal activity will not be waived. Ask court officials for a letter verifying the date you were subpoenaed to attend court.

Religious Holidays: Please bring a note from parents or religious official regarding religious holidays.

Other: Other absences will be considered by the Attendance Committee for compelling reasons on a case by case basis. Parents/guardians should provide all available documentation.

Attendance Waiver 19-20.pdf