College Day Request

Reynolds students receive 3 college visit days.  Your first is available in the spring of your Junior year.  You can take up to 2 during your Senior year.  This gives you a great opportunity to go check out colleges during a weekday and tour colleges.  As a senior, you can take this day in the spring to go to an orientation or scholarship interview.  These days will not count against your attendance. Give your counselor this signed COLLEGE DAY REQUEST FORM 24 hours in advance of the day you plan to visit.  If you do not turn in the form and have it approved your day will be counted as an absence.  If you are failing a class or are over 5 absences your request will be denied.  When you return you must bring an official signed note from the admissions office and turn it into your counselor the next school day.  Remember: you need to call and make an appointment with the admissions office of the school you wish to visit.
What to ask college admissions on your college visit day (click here): 5 Questions to Ask
*Important Reminder About College Applications:  If you are submitting an online college application that requests your counselor's information and input, please check with him or her in order to make sure the request was received.  We all know how technology is and sometimes those requests never make it to our inboxes.  Also, please check the status of your application a few days before it is due to make sure all parties have completed their portions.  If not, this will give you time to send a friendly reminder.  Thank you!