When assigned detention by a teacher, a student must sign the form and will be given a copy.  Teacher detention will be served with the teacher within 3 school days.  Failure to stay in teacher detention will result in an administrative  detention after school in the In-School Suspension (ISS) room.  Students must leave campus immediately after detention is served.



In-school suspension is an intermediate step to out-of-school suspension.  Students are to be given credit for their make-up work during the in-school suspension program and are to be counted present.  Failure to follow the rules in in-school-suspension will result in an out-of-school suspension.  Multiple occurrences of ISS may result in out of school suspension.  



North Carolina General Statutes state that:  "The principal of a school, or his delegate, shall have authority to suspend any student who willfully violates policies of conduct established by the local Board of Education for a period of ten days or less; provided, that a student suspended pursuant to this subsection shall be provided an opportunity to take any quarterly, semester or grading period examinations missed during the suspension period."

The principal of a school, with the prior approval of the superintendent, shall have the authority to suspend any pupil who willfully violates the policies of conduct established by the local Board of Education for periods of times in excess of ten school days, but not exceeding the time remaining in the school year.  The pupil or his parents may appeal the decision of the principal to the local Board of Education.”



Extracurricular Policy

Suspensions totaling five days including time spent at Buncombe County Alternative to Suspension (BCATS), will result in forfeiture of the right to participate in any extra-curricular, school sponsored activities (i.e. prom, dances, attending ballgames, theatrical productions) or other activities not governed by Buncombe County Board policy-450 for the remainder of the school year. Other activities include but are not limited to student government, field trips, clubs and club activities, as well as participation in concerts and plays not required as part of grading.  

Students can make an appeal to have some or all privileges reinstated prior to the end of the school year. To make an appeal students should:

1. Announce their intent to appeal in writing to the administrator in charge of appeals

2. Write a letter of apology and lesson learned.

3. Provide letters of recommendation from teachers, pastors, administrators, employers, community leaders, etc…

4. Parents should provide the committee with a record of punishments and measures taken at home to ensure the school is being supported in efforts to enforce all policies set forth in the student handbook. Records may include but are not limited to the students cell phone is taken away, driving privileges revoked, grounding, community service, etc….


    The Buncombe County Board of Education strives to resolve concerns and complaints whenever possible.  To this end, the board has provided opportunities for students and parents to express their concerns through processes established in board policies.  Any parent or student who is unclear of the options for proceeding with a concern may contact the principal’s office or the superintendent’s office for further information and copies of all applicable board policies.



  • At ACRHS, our focus is on student learning.  To promote student safety and success, we have implemented the following code of conduct:

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Arguments – (mediation recommended)

    Cell phone or electronic device on/used in undesignated time/place

    Computer/Internet Violation (Minor)



    Public display of affection

    Undesignated Area

    Cutting class

    Defiance to staff/administration (insubordination)

    Disruptive behavior

    Excessive tardiness
    (from class: 4+)
    (from school: 7+)

    Failure to serve lunch detention

    Failure to stay teacher or administrative detention

    Falsification of information/Forgery

    Inappropriate items on school property

    Leaving class without permission

    Leaving school w/o permission

    Possession/use of tobacco/vapes (internet course required)*** (1st offense automatic 2 days OSS)

    Skipping School/Truancy

    Aggressive behavior

    Bullying/hazing/verbal harassment (internet course required)

    Communicating threats

    Computer/Internet Violation (Serious)

    Disorderly Conduct

    Disrespect to staff

    *Drugs/Alcohol/Paraphernalia: under the influence, use, or possession

    **Drugs/Alcohol: distribution and/or sale


    Fire alarms/tampering with school equipment

    Gang activity

    *Possession of weapon

    *Sexual harassment

    *Sexual offense and/or indecent exposure

    Theft/Possession of stolen items

    Vandalism/destruction of property




    1.     1 day ISS

    2.     2 days ISS

    1. 1 day ISS

    2. 2 days ISS

    3. 1 oss

    4. 2 oss***

    5. 3 oss

    1. 3 day oss

    2. (*) 5 day oss

    3. 5 day oss

    4. (**)10 day oss

    5. 10 day oss

    All disciplinary actions (for offenses listed or not listed above) are subject to administrative discretion. 

    Please refer to the Dress Code, and Electronic Device/Cell Phone sections of the handbook for additional consequences.