Dress Code


Buncombe County Schools Policy 468 states that each school must develop “guidelines that balance the needs for individuality with the needs of maintaining safety, orderliness, and good taste for the school community.”  A. C. Reynolds High School believes that different types of dress are appropriate for different settings and that our school is a learning environment requiring a certain level of dress.  We believe that adherence to our dress code policy helps to prepare students for future success in the workplace, in military service, or in higher education. 


To help students, parents, and faculty members understand what is appropriate for school, the dress code relies on a set of “card guidelines” that indicate appropriate clothing length, width, and coverage.  Clothing must pass the card test in order to be appropriate for school.  Faculty ID cards, driver’s licenses, or debit cards are acceptable cards that can be used for this self-check.  Specific directions are provided for each type of clothing on the school’s Web site. 


  1. Clothing should cover all undergarments, students’ backs, and abdominal areas. 
  2. Pants should be worn at the waist. Sagging or low rise pants will not be permitted.  If pants do not remain at the waist, a belt or rope will be provided.
  3. Although skirts, dresses, and shorts are allowed, students should ensure that these garments meet card guidelines while sitting, standing, or walking. Articles of clothing that do not meet these guidelines will not be permitted.
  4. Leggings and tights are permitted; however, any leggings, tights, or other form fitting pants should be worn with tops or dresses that adhere to card guidelines for above-the-knee coverage. 
  5. Students should not wear any garment with holes, cuts, or slits above the knee. 
  6. Students may not wear any garment or accessory displaying language or images (profanity, sexual suggestions/insinuations, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, ethnic slurs, slogans, symbols) that are inappropriate for a school setting.
  7. Students will not be allowed to wear any headgear (ex. hats, hoods, scarfs, nylons, headbands) while in the school building.  Bandanas are not permitted as clothing or hair accessories. 
  8. Sunglasses should not be worn inside the building at any time unless the student has documented health or physical needs. Only prescription glasses are permitted.
  9. Pajamas will not be permitted.  Slippers, blankets, or bedroom shoes are inappropriate. 



Offense #1:  Student is warned and required to correct the dress code violation or choose to spend the remainder of the day in ISS.

Offense #2:  Student is required to correct the dress code violation or choose to spend the remainder of the day in ISS.  Parent is contacted.

Offense #3:  Refer to Tier 2, Consequence 2 (Defiance) in the Discipline Procedures section.  Parent contacted.

*All offenses will be recorded in the discipline data base