Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

            Students are expected to abide by the following:            

1.  Attendance is taken for each class.  The required time is 30       minutes on Zoom.  Student cameras should be turned on at all times throughout the 30 min time period.  Failure to be present for the entire 30 min may result in an absence for the class. 
2.  Be in class on time and prepared with materials ready.

3.  An appropriate background is required.
4.  Raise your hand to ask questions, otherwise stay muted during the lesson.            

5.  Follow teacher instructions.

6.  Dress appropriately.            

7.  Respect is to be shown to teachers, fellow students, and school   property.    
8.  Drinking and eating is not allowed during the 30 minute sessions.            

9. Cell phones should be turned off and not visible during the 30 minute sessions.  

10.  Integrity shall be maintained at all times.