Grading Policy

 Grade Scale:
   A  90  - 100
   B  80 -   89
   C  70 -   79
   D  60 -   69
   F    0 -   59
Grade Calculation for Each Grading Period                     
for Math I
   40% Test Average                                                       
   25% Quiz Average                                                        
   35% Homework Assignments                                             
Semester Grade Calculation
   First nine week period       37.5%
   Second nine week period  37.5%
   Final Exam                        25.0%
No test grade will be dropped.  One quiz grade will be dropped.  Homework that is attempted in earnest will receive a 100.  If homework is not done at all, the grade is a 0.   It is crucial to be prepared for your tests/quizzes and to do your homework.  
No late homework will be accepted.  Homework should be done on a nightly basis in order to develop skill as we work through a unit.  Homework is graded for effort and not correctness so appropriate work should be shown for each problem.  Answers to problems without showing work are considered not done and no credit will be received.  If you are absent, the assignments will be located on the whiteboard in the back of the room.  Make sure that you pick up the make-up work quickly and before/after school.  
The TI-84 calculator is used in class.  Students that do not have a personal TI-84 will be able to use a class calculator during class only.  An signed permission form must first be signed.  If a calculator is needed at home, please consider buying one to leave there.