Barnhouse, Brian (Math)

Mr. Barnhouse
Brian Barnhouse

Hello! My name is Brian Barnhouse and I am a math teacher here at AC Reynolds High! I am from Missouri originally, married my high school sweetheart, and moved to Florida for nine years. We moved to WNC in 2021 and now both teach in the Reynolds District (she is at Fairview).

A little about me:
-- BA in Mathematics, Majored in Education
-- MA Ed in Secondary Education with a focus on Mathematics
-- EdS. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Teacher Leadership for School Improvement

Professional Background
-- Taught every math subject from Math 1 (Algebra 1) through Calculus.
-- Cowrite textbook, workbook, and online programs that have been implemented across the country.
-- Adjunct Professor in Intermediate Math through Intro to Statistics.

-- Building and using my hands
-- Working on my car
-- Being active and fit
-- Exploring and Traveling (domestic and internationally)

Please use the "Contact Me" link in the left navigation to send me an email.

-- 1st Period - text 81010 the message "@acr-pc1"
-- 2nd Period - text 81010 the message "@acr-pc2"
       -- Math 4
-- web browser url:
-- text 81010 the message "@acr-m43"

I will reply within 24 - 48 hours of your email/contact. It is important that we work together for your student's success and I want to help you.

2021 - 2022 Schedule

  Fall 2021  Spring 2021
 1st Foundations of NC Math 1 Pre - Calculus
 2nd Planning Period (office hours) Pre - Calculus
 3rd NC Math 3 Math 4
4th  NC Math 3 Planning Period (office hours)

Supplies needed for Class
Basic Tools for School
-- 1.5" Three Ring Binder
-- Filler Paper or Loose Leaf Paper
-- Writing Utensil
-- Computer and Calculator (provided by the school unless you want personal device)
-- Good Attitude (because I'm excited about math)

Websites being Used
Google Classroom 
-- PreCalculus
 1st Period - PreCalc - Google Classroom
2nd Period - PreCalc - Google Classroom

-- Math 4: 
3rd Period - Math 4 - Google Classroom

Delta Math: DeltaMath

Khan Academy : 
Math 1: Algebra 1 | Math | Khan Academy
Math 3: Algebra 2 | Math | Khan Academy

If you need help or quick technology help then please feel free to contact the Technology Help Desk
-- Phone: (828) 255 - 5987
-- email: (available M - F 8 AM to 6 PM)