Project #1 - Artist Reinterpretation

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02/01/2016 03/11/2016
Watch the intro video and PowerPoint presentation on Contemporary Graffiti art. 


Essential Question:  How do I create a new interpretation of a famous work of art in a manner that
   1) Creates an ironic twist on a famous artist’s masterpiece
   2) Leads the viewer to perceive traditional art through
       a new or modern cultural perspective
   3) Includes emphasis, and contrast as the main design principles
Project Rubric
Craftsmanship   1  2  3  4 
(Care taken with subject and use of materials in collage/drawing/painting)
Depiction of Master's Painting   1  2  3  4
(Careful and accurate observation of technique and style)
Student Reinterpretation   1  2  3  4
(Student Voice evident, creative/unique composition ideas)
Composition   1  2  3  4
(Contains emphasis and contrast as focal point, balance between master's painting/student work)
* Project scoring based on     4=Mastery of use of materials, technique & composition
                                                      3=Excellent use of materials, technique & composition
                                                      2=Proficient use of materials, technique & composition
                                                      1=Novice use of materials, technique & composition
Mastery - Exceptional use of the materials, exceptional technique; Work is neat, clean, well thought out, complete;  Exceptional detail and composition;  Shows understanding of lesson criteria and carries it out in the artwork in a way that is creative and/or inventive. 
Excellent - Use of materials and technique are above average, shows understanding of lesson criteria.  Composition demonstrates a very good understanding of the lesson objectives and work appears resolved.
Proficient -Adequate use of  the materials, adequate technique;  Work is complete, could have been more thought out;  Adequate detail, adequate composition;  Shows some understanding of the lesson criteria but could have carried it out more in the artwork. 
Novice- Needs improvement.  Materials were not used as directed or the appropriate technique was not used.  Work is sloppy, not well thought out, and looks like it was done quickly;  Little detail, poor composition;  Shows little understanding of the topic but attempted the artwork.


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