Project #2 - Exploration of Abstract Pattern

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03/04/2016 04/08/2016

 Exploration of Pattern


Exploration of Pattern Project

Begin sketchbook research for your second project. Your final product will be the creation of a pattern in Photoshop that could be used on a virtual product of your choosing, similar to artist product websites such as Examples would be clothing, iphone cases, electronic device wallpaper, etc. Use the following step-by-step instructions to conduct your pattern research:


1) Brainstorm your favorite fashion and patterns from past genres and style periods.

2) Google historical fashion/patterns/designs for ones that appeal to you.  

3) Research textile pattern from online sources of pattern & textile whose resources/historical data is available for research and analysis.

4) Study the textile's historical context as well as its re-occurrence in later design periods, including the present day. Focus on a particular aspect or aspects of the chosen textile and start giving form to your own ideas by creating sketches that feature these material studies.

5) Using your historical reference as a starting point, develop a series of sketches, keeping in mind your application and end-use, and paying close attention to motif, scale, color, material, style, and technique. Reinterpret color, scale, mark, and shape as you clarify your ideas for your own collection of patterns, developing your unique point of view in your new contemporary version of the inspiration era.