Welcome info

Welcome to the most CHAOTIC time in all of our lives! I'm right here along with you on this wild journey, so YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Below is our daily schedule:
1st Period - 8:00 - 9:35
2nd Period - 9:40 - 11:14
3rd Period (including lunch) - 11:19 - 1:25
4th Period -  1:30 - 3:00

I will be posting expectations, assignments, and class material on Google Classroom, each day, throughout this semester. If you need help getting logged in, please let me know! Below are the enrollment codes, as well as a "self help" document to assist you in logging in. If you have trouble enrolling, try copying and pasting the enrollment code into Google Classroom.

Chemistry Honors - Period 1: uzy2thb
Physical Science - Period 2: mpwpvpa 
Chemistry Honors - Period 3: g5rz7jf

Looking forward to an awesome semester with you, however it may look!