Chemistry Honors

Periodic table and teacher
Welcome, Chemistry students!!! Get ready to be annoyed by my enthusiasm for chemistry! It's what my degree is in, and I LOVE it! You may be thinking "How on Earth are we going to learn chemistry at a time like this?!" I know, right? I feel you, but I'm here for you. It's going to be a GREAT semester, and we're going to work through lots of challenges TOGETHER!

Please visit our Google Classroom for all updates, links, assignments, etc. Your class codes are as follows:
Period 1 - uzy2thb
Period 3 - g5rz7jf


Here is a copy of your Chemistry course guidelines.

This semester, we will cover the following topics:

Matter: Properties and Change
*Structure of Atoms and Ions
*Bonding in compounds
*Properties of atoms based on Periodic Table placement

Energy: Conservation and Transfer
*Pressure, temperature, volume, and phase relationships
*Chemical Reactions

Interactions of Energy and Matter
*Rate of reaction 
*Chemical equilibrium
*Solution processes

Deep breaths, everyone! We've GOT this!!!